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January 15th
Submission Deadline for Applications

Paul T. Hiser Exemplary Publication Award
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The Paul T. Hiser Award recognizes the best article of the year appearing in The Journal of Technology Studies, the refereed publication of Epsilon Pi Tau.  The Board of Directors established this award for deserving scholars.  In recognition for his exemplary service to the profession and the honor society as a Trustee and Director, the award bears Dr. Hiser's name.  It is given to the author or authors of articles judged to be the best of those published each year.  A $300 award recognizes the recipient(s) and may be presented during an Epsilon Pi Tau program at an annual professional association conference.

Selection Process
Each member of the Editorial Board votes for the manuscript that he or she considers the best of those reviewed during the year.  The Board of Editors recommends articles based on their evaluation against specific criteria.

Hiser Award Recipients 


Mark Snyder - “A Century of Perspectives that Influenced the Consideration of Technology as a Critical Component of STEM Education in the United States”
Thomas O. Williams, Jr., Jeremy V. Ernst, and Aaron C. Clark - “Profile of Workforce Development Educators: A Comparative Credential, Composition, and Characteristic Analysis”

2017 Jeremy Ernst, Aaron Clark, and Sharon Bowers - "Cyber-supported Professional Learning Experiences that Build Technology and Engineering Educators’ Practice" 
2016 Mary C. Enderson and John Ritz - "STEM in General Education: Does Mathematics Competence Influence Course Selection"
2015 Jeremy V. Ernst and Thomas O. Williams - The “Who, What, and How Conversation”: Characteristics and Responsibilities of Current In-Service Technology and Engineering Educators 
Jeffrey M. Ulmer, Douglas Koch, and Troy Ollison - "Characteristics of Today's Applied Engineering College-Level Educator" 
2013 Christy Bozic and Duane Dunlap - "The Role of Innovation Education in Student Learning, Economic Development,and University Engagement"


John M. Ritz and P. Scott Bevins - "Economics, Innovations, Technology, and Engineering Education: The Connections"
Mary Annette Rose - "Enviro Tech: Student Outcomes of an Interdisciplinary Project That Linked Technology and Environment"

2011 Luke J. Steinke and Alvin R. Putnam - "Mentoring Teachers in Technology Education: Analyzing the Need"

P. John Williams - "Technology Education to Engineering: A Good Move?


Steven Holley - "Nano Revolution - Big Impact: How Emerging Nanotechnologies Will Change the Future of Education and Industry in America (and More Specifically in Oklahoma) An Abbreviated Account"


Sophia Scott - "Perceptions of Students' Learning Critical Thinking Through Debate in a Technology Classroom: A Case Study"


Al Bellamy - "Exploring the Influence of New Technology Planning and Implementation on the Perceptions of New Technology Effectiveness"      
Mark R. Snyder - "The Education of Indentured Servants in Colonial America"

2006 Benjamin K. Sovacool - "Reactors, Weapons, X-Rays, and Solar Panels: Using SCOT, Technological Frame, Epistemic Culture, and Actor Network Theory to Investigate Technology"
2005 Keith V. Johnson & Elwood D. Watson - "A Historical Chronology of the Plight of African Americans Gaining Recognition in Engineering and Technology"
2004 Robert E. Wenig - "Leadership Knowledge and Skill: An Enabler for Success as a Technology Education Teacher-Leader"
2003 Andreas Luescher & John Sinn - "Portfolios: Conceptual Foundations and Functional Implications"
2002 James G. Edwards - "Samson's Hair: Denuding the Technology Curriculum"

Anthony I. Akubue - "Gender Disparity in Third World Technological, Social, and Economic Development"   
Marie Hoepfl - "Alternative Routes to Certification of Technology Education Teachers"

2000 Mark E. Sanders - "Web-Based Portfolios for Technology Education: A Personal Case Study"
1999 A. Emerson Wiens - "Demographic & Economic Trends : Implications for Education & Industry"

Paul Black - "An International Overview of Curricular Applications & Models in Technology Education"     
Paul W. De Vore - "Reflections of Technology in the Past, Present, and Future"

1997 Dennis R. Herschbach - "From Industrial Arts to Technology Education: The Search for Direction"
1996 Linda Rae Markert - "Gender Related to Success in Science and Technology"
1995 Stephen Petrina & Kenneth Volk - "Industrial Arts Movement's History, Vision, and Ideal: Relevant, Contemporary, Used but Unrecognized - Part II"

CeCe Iandoli - Creativity Revisited: A Synopsis of Theories of Creativity Since 1950"   
Scott D. Johnson & Ruth G. Thomas - "Implications of Cognitive Science for Instructional Design in Technology Education"


Samuel C. Obi - "Factors Influencing Minority Enrollment on Postsecondary Vocational Education Programs in the State of Iowa"     
Walter Waetjen - "Entropy and Technological Learning: A Cognitive Approach"


Scott Johnson - "Authentic Assessment in Technology Education"     &
Robert McCormick - "The Evolution of Current Practice in Technology"


Paul E. Brauchle & Hank Campbell - "Quality Training Needs of Smaller Industries: An Opportunity for Technology Educators"      
Michael R. Kozak - "Environment Impacts: The Role of Plastics"

1990 Robert E. Wenig - "The Renewal Process: For Individual and Organizational Development in Technology Education"     
1989 Dennis R. Herschbach - "Conceptualizing Curriculum Change"
1988 Margarita M. Pena - The Microelectronic Revolution and Workers Skills:  A Review of Controversial Issues"
1987 Paul De Vore - "Science and Technology; An Analysis of Meaning"
1986 Jane E. Liedtke - "Mentors and Role Models: Influences on the Professional Career"
1985 Edward C. Pytlik & John W. Sinn - "Production Reconsidered: Implications for Technology Education"

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